In addition to being a productive sector, the world of fishing is also characterized by a strong male presence. Women have always been a constant but silent presence, without visibility and even less recognition and protection for one’s role as collaborators in the family fishing company. Among the objectives of Federpesca, a member of the Italy-IORA Committee, but also of other intergovernmental organizations such as IORA, is that of providing training that helps women in the sector develop micro-entrepreneurship. This means, for the association, giving them the tools they need to better reconcile work and lifetimes and consequently improve the quality of life of the whole family business.

The National Fisheries Observatory, promoted and established by Federpesca and by the three largest trade union organizations (CIGL, CISL, UIL), organized, on November 19th in Ferrara, at the Sealogy Blue Economy fair, a conference entitled “Women in the fishing sector: protections, opportunities, challenges for the future“. An opportunity to look at future challenges and verify the state of the art of the fish market in relation to female employment. It was also an opportunity to look at future challenges and verify the state of the art of the fish market in relation to female employment(Click here for the meeting’s Agenda). Federpesca demonstrates ever more closeness to the issue of empowering women in the world of the fish industry. (To know more)

As mentioned, in addition to the Italian example of Federpesca, also IORA has, since its inception, established the economic emancipation of women as a special area of ​​attention that the inter-governmental organization is committed to gender equality and emancipation economy of women. For some time the association has been organizing initiatives and meetings, virtual and otherwise, to raise awareness on the issue of female empowerment in the sectors of the Blue Economy (aquaculture, fishing, etc.). Among the various initiatives that have been undertaken by the association, the following should be mentioned:

1) The webinar of 28 and 29 May “How Airbnb and Intrepid are empowering women through Indian Ocean tourism”;

2) Webinar July 20: “The Economic Empowerment of Women in the Indian Ocean: Progress and Challenges”

3) Virtual meeting on 8-9th September:  “IORA Women’s Economic Symposium: Rewriting Business Strategies for the Global Pandemic”

These are just some of the most important meetings that have taken place over the past year.

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