Assoittica ItaliaNational Association of Fish Companies, as well as a member of the Italy-IORA Committee, represents more than 100 companies in the fishing sector. For some years it has established a partnership that sees them participate in the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, the international event dedicated to the protection and enhancement of Italian cuisine and products in the world. An appointment that involves operators in the food and wine sector in various capacities to align projects, intentions, and activities and address in a compact way to foreign institutions and companies. This food event sees the presence of numerous hotel institutes and among these, also representing the network of Italian fish hotels, there will be the Tor Carbone A. Narducci hotel institute on the wave of the excellent results achieved in past editions. He will take care of the preparation and banqueting service of an aperitif based on Italian food and wine excellence on November 18 during the presentation ceremony of the 6th Week of Italian cuisine in the world.

The association (ASSOITTICA) has always had among its missions that which concerns the analysis and evaluation of EU provisions on food safety, as well as initiatives aimed at improving the marketing and enhancement of fish products, towards public opinion. The consumption of fish products, in addition to discounting the difficulty of identifying and differentiating fish species, by the consumer, is affected by the complexity in the domestic preparation of easy, quick, and tasty food preparations. With this in mind, the association has also drawn up a recipe book that you can find here (read the recipes).

The week of Italian Cuisine in the World was born under the auspices of the MAECI and ICE – Italian Trade Agency. In this edition, the main theme will be “Tradition and perspectives of Italian cuisine: awareness and enhancement of food sustainability“. The project will also be illustrated during the presentation of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World in Rome, at the Farnesina, in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Luigi Di Maio, and the Ministers of Economic Development, Agricultural Policies and Education.

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