The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Sultanate of Oman, one of the IORA member states, is organizing the Fifth AL Duqm Forum on the theme “Blue Economy – The new destination for investment” in the Muscat Convention Center. The Duqm Forum on October 20th is now in its fifth edition and wants to highlight the role of blue.

The economy can play an economic, investment and environmental development role and also promotes human growth, projects, resources for employment and creates prosperity for communities living on the coasts of the seas and oceans. The forum will discuss in its sessions and via international and local experts and speakers, the new destination for governments and investors to benefit from the aquatic wealth around them and how those resources can be exploited to boost the economy using new data and standards and how chains provisioning, marine life monitoring and navigation enchanted with the use of such new technologies.

For further information on the stakeholder target and the planned topics click HERE

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