The Italy-IORA Committee

Italy’s attention to the Indian Ocean region has increased in recent years. Italian stakeholders, public and private organisations, universities and research institutes, have played an important role in supporting the Italian government’s decision to initiate the procedure for acquiring the status of IORA dialogue partner.

We encourage active involvement of these stakeholders, in the belief that a concrete and operational cooperation between Italy and the IORA should also be based on the involvement of private business and the civil society, to allow us to reap the mutual benefits that the extraordinary development of the countries of the Indian Ocean, while promoting growth, sustainable development and regional economic cooperation. 

As a result, Italian stakeholders have joined forces together in an Italy-IORA Committee, and chose to articulate their participation in the Italy-IORA dialogue partnership along the lines covered in the IORA Blue Economy priority pillars, which are a valuable instrument to direct energy and resources.

Today the Italy-IORA Committee plays an important role in the Italy-IORA Platform, which is operated by the Italian National IORA Focal Point, based in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

The Italy-IORA Committee

President of the Italy-IORA Committee:
Luigi Giannini, Vice President of Federazione del Mare and Delegate for Internationalization

Mr. Luigi Giannini is the Vice President of Federazione del Mare (Italian Maritime Cluster) and Delegate for Internationalization, President of Federpesca, the Italian Fishing Industry Association. Prior to his appointment as President, he worked in Federpesca since 1992, first as general director and then as vice-president. He has a plurennial experience in international maritime law and fishing industry. Mr. Giannini has worked for several governmental and intergovernmental bodies, port authorities and private sector actors, helping to draft intervention plans and strategies for the fishing industry. He obtained a BA in Political Science from the University of Bari, a specialization in International Law from the University of Tor Vergata (Rome) and he is a public chartered accountant.

Secretary General of the Italy-IORA Committee:
Laurence Martin, Secretary General of the Federazione del Mare

Committee Members

Acquedotto Pugliese

AQP is one of the largest integrated water service companies in Italy and provides its services throughout the entire Apulian territory, from Gargano to Santa Maria di Leuca, and in some communities of Campania, also ensuring the supply of water in sub-distribution to Acquedotto Lucano S.p.A., throughout Basilicata. The headquarters of Acquedotto Pugliese is in Bari, in one of the oldest buildings in the city. Designed by Cesare Vittorio Brunetti and furnished by Duilio Cambellotti at the beginning of the 20th century, the palace is also known as “the secular cathedral” of water, the place where water is depicted in every detail, in every decoration.

Our mission
We ensure the water supply of the managed territories through a system of aqueducts, plants, and hydraulic engineering works. In addition, we guarantee the protection of the environment through our purification, urban wastewater refinement and composting plants.

Our values
Respect for and protection of the territory, energy efficiency and environmental protection, constant dialogue with communities and territories, customer satisfaction and attention to the enhancement of employees are part of the corporate identity and constitute the values at the basis of Acquedotto Pugliese’s strategies.

Our vision
The sustainable management of a common good" such as water, the design and implementation of business activities to improve performance and reduce environmental impact have always been part of our vision.


• Gianfredi Mazzolani – Director of Department Research, Development, and International Activities –

  • Antonella Strambelli – Head of Project Area, Research, Development and International Activities Office –


Assoittica Italia was established in May 1986 and brings together companies operating in whole or in part in the seafood chain.

Possible collaboration with IORA and Member States:

The activity of the association concerns analysis and evaluation of European Union provisions on food safety, processing, ad customs procedures, and informs its members associates about regulatory scenarios on site, as well as initiatives aimed at improving marketing and valorization of fish products towards the public opinion. The Association promotes commercial exchanges and the creation of collaborations between companies from different countries.

IORA contacts:


CIHEAM Bari is the Italian headquarters of the intergovernmental organization CIHEAM (Centre International de Hautes études Agronomiques Mediterranéennes), gathering 13 Mediterranean Countries. Established in 1962, CIHEAM Bari is a Center for post-graduate higher education, applied research and development cooperation. All the activities of CIHEAM Bari concern issues linked to sustainable agriculture and fisheries. CIHEAM Bari works in more than 20 Mediterranean and African countries and has hundreds of partnerships with institutions, academia, civil society and enterprises located in various countries.

As remarked in occasion of the IORA Ambassadors visit to CIHEAM Bari in October 2019, the cooperation, research and networking activities of the Institute concern crucial issues such as food safety and  security, poverty alleviation, capacity building at institutional level, efficient use of natural resources, improvement of agricultural production and productivity, promotion of organic farming, development of sustainable food systems, resilience to climate change, integrated management of coastal areas, women empowerment, fisheries and aquaculture. Furthermore, CIHEAM Bari networking activities involve hundreds of institutions located in several countries, consolidating professional contacts, institutional and multi-stakeholder partnerships, country-to-country relationships and joint initiatives with the private sector. This paves the way to self-generating exchange of information, technical and professional expertise, publications, innovative research and educational activities, conferences and seminars, harmonization of methodological guidelines. 

Since 2019 CIHEAM Bari organizes a high-level intensive course on Sustainable Development of Coastal Communities addressed to officials of fisheries ministries and other national institutions of coastal Countries worldwide. The course offers a global overview on blue economy, based on the dialogue between institutions and communities dealing with the following subjects: 


Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture management

Promotion and implementation for open market access to fisheries and aquaculture safe food products


To assess the needs, capacities and capabilities of Member States on the Blue Economy

To strengthen collaborative research opportunities, data gathering and sharing in the IORA region


To promote cruise tourism in the Indian Ocean Region

To promote sustainable management and development of coastal and marine tourism sector

To protect and conserve coastal and marine biodiversity through sustainable coastal and marine tourism.

IORA contacts:

Città della Scienza – Napoli

Città della Scienza is an scientific pole located in the former industrial area of Bagnoli in Naples, dedicated to the dissemination of scientific and technological culture, as well as to the innovation of the educational and business systems. One of the main values of Città della Scienza is setting up a new form of scientific citizenship, bridging the gap between science and society and enhancing processes of innovation in career development and business creation.
Città della Scienza combines an articulated system of functions, including a Science Centre with exhibition facilities open to the public, a Business Innovation Centre for the development of innovative start-ups, a Digital REsearch for Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory and an Advanced Training Centre.

Città della Scienza is operating at the international level in collaboration with international organizations and networks, for the implementation of transnational projects, as well as for supporting the internationalizazion of the italian research and innovation systems. Specific activities are dedicated to the European and Euro-Mediterranean context, considering the strategic position of Naples on the border between the North and the South of the Mediterranean.

Possible collaboration with IORA and Member States:

–  the Iran-Italy Science, Technology & Innovation Forum is a national program dedicated to the internationalization of research-innovation systems and to the scientific and technological exchange between the world of research and the Italian and Iranian companies, which was launched in 2017.
The program is structured through an annual networking and matchmaking event,  flanked by networking and matchmaking services for the creation of scientific partnerships. The model, which has been developped for China and Iran can be replicated with other IORA member States.
On the Italian side, the program was promoted by the Ministry of University and Research, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), and coordinated by Città della Scienza with the CNR National Research Council and the participation of National research Institutes, universities and Confindustria for the business world. On the Iranian side, the initiative was promoted by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and is organized by the Ministry of Technology’s Office of Technology.

– There is interest to deepen the scope of point 19.a “Promote and implement Capacity Building Programs on sustainable management and development of coastal and marine tourism through Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (IZCM) approaches”. Città della Scienza is member of the Italian Cluster on blue growth, and could cooperate with partners on this topic. 

– Città della Scienza has curated 
the travelling exhibition “Italy, the Beauty of Knowledge”, a project promoted by MAECI and realised by CNR with the three other national scientific museums (Leonardo da Vinci of Milan, Galileo di Florence and the Trento Museum) to witness the commitment and success goals of the  Italian research system around the word.  The exhibition has visited Alexandria of Egypt (Egypt), New Delhi (India), Singapore (Republic of Singapore), Jakarta (Indonesia), Hanoi (Vietnam), Canton (China), Buenos Aires (Argentina).

IORA contacts:

CNR – Department of Earth Sciences

The National Research Council of Italy (CNR) is the largest research public body in Italy. CNR is distributed all over the country through a network of more than 100 institutes aiming to promote a wide range of competences throughout the national territory and to facilitate contacts and cooperation with small and medium enterprises and organizations. 

CNR is structured in 7 Departments, of which the Department of Earth System Science and Environmental Technologies (DSSTA) is interested to join the Italy-IORA initiative through its marine institutes: Istituto di Scienze Marine (ISMAR), Istituto per lo studio degli impatti Antropici e Sostenibilità (IAS) and Istituto per le Risorse Biologiche e le Biotecnologie Marine (IRBIM).

ISMAR-CNR is a 200-person Institute distributed in 6 sections (Venice, Rome, Naples, La Spezia, Trieste, Bologna), with headquarters in Venice. ISMAR conducts research in the Mediterranean, oceanic and polar regions, focusing on marine geohazards and their impacts inshore, marine georesources, influence of climate change on oceanic circulation, acidification, bio-geochemical cycles and marine productivity and the natural and anthropogenic factors impacting economically and socially on coastal systems from pre-history to the industrial epoch. ISMAR has an internationally recognised expertise in supporting and promoting observational activities for climate, environmental and ocean monitoring, based on the integration of different kinds of observational techniques (in-situ, remote sensing, satellite).

IAS-CNR includes more than 100 personnel units distributed over 4 offices, in three Italian regions (Liguria, Sardegna, Sicilia). It is the leading marine research institutions in Italy performing studies on a wide range of topics dealing with human impacts, effects of global changes, emerging pollutants, ecotoxicology, operational oceanography and emergencies and pollution in marine environment.

IRBIM-CNR includes more than 150 personnel units distributed over 4 offices, in three Italian regions (Marche, Apulia, Sicily). It is the leading marine research institutions in Italy performing studies on a biotic resources (fisheries, aquaculture, biotechnologies).

Possible collaboration with IORA and Member States:

– ISMAR is currently conducting activities and interested in cooperation in several fields, among which: sustainable seabed exploration, training and advice on parts XI-XIV of the UNCLOS and the works of the International Seabed Authority. Deliver theoretical lectures and seagoing training on seabed exploration through different methods and using a wide spectrum of marine technologies and tools such as, GIS data management, standardization, accessibility and interoperability of data related to offshore hydrocarbons and seabed minerals exploration and mining. ISMAR is interested to tackle the Nippon Foundation-GEBCO seabed mapping project “Seabed2030” in the IORA region. 

ISMAR can contribute to training activities on different environmental issues, including human and climate change impacts on coastal and coral habitats.

ISMAR can provide training and Capacity Building programmes on sustainable management and development of coastal and marine tourism through Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) approaches. 

ISMAR IORA contacts:

Commonwealth Club Rome

Established in 1947, the Commonwealth Club of Rome has been a forum where members from the 56 Commonwealth countries and others can meet and exchange ideas of common interest.

The Club hosts events with prominent guest speakers addressing issues relevant to the members of Commonwealth countries in Rome. 

It is a branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society.

The Commonwealth Blue Charter is an agreement by all 56 Commonwealth countries to actively cooperate to solve ocean-related challenges and meet commitments for sustainable ocean action.

The Commonwealth also assists member states in relation to maritime boundaries and ocean governance.

Of the 23 IORA member states, 13 are Commonwealth member states (Australia, Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Tanzania).

Commonwealth Club Rome contacts:

• Edward Mura –

Cluster BIG

The proponents of the National Technological Cluster “Blue Italian Growth” (CTN-BIG) have the international economic dimension, the scientific credibility, combined with a wealth of strategic collaborations that ensure a high power of activation of international synergies of the Cluster interventions.

Possible collaboration with IORA and Member States:

The scientific body of Cluster BIG is represented by a number of Universities and by all Public Research Bodies that in various capacities deal with the sea. The industrial component enjoys direct participation by many leading players (national and international) and with a vast presence of SMEs and territorial aggregations, which also play an indispensable role in connecting with the Regions.

IORA contacts:

CNR – National Research Council of Italy – Department of Engineering, ICT and Technology for Energy and Transport (CNR-DIITET)

CNR-DIITET addresses scientific and technological challenges in all twelve priority sectors for the country defined by MIUR in the National Research Plan 2015-2020, with the dual mission of developing research and new knowledge, and support, based on its vocation for technology transfer to industrial and civil use, the industrial system of the country, having invested for some time in the relationship between research-innovation-technology transfer. The CNR-DIITET consists of 17 Research Institutes located throughout the national territory, for a total of 47 branches and over 1700 staff units (over 1000 researchers and technologists).

Possible collaboration with IORA and Member States:
– In the field of BLUE GROWTH, CNR-DIITET conducts fundamental and applied research and technological developments with impact in a sustainable exploitation of the Ocean resources and in the Smart, Safe and Secure operations at sea and is involved to sustain the development of new regulatory frameworks and standards both at EU and International level.
The multi-disciplinary nature of the research challenges in the field of the green, smart, safe and secure exploitation of seas involve many branches of the engineering, such as materials, structures, hydrodynamics, hydroacoustics, electronics and automation, informatics etc. Research institutes involved in the field of Blue Growth are:

  • the Institute of Marine Engineering (CNR-INM) with competences in the area of naval architecture and marine engineering;
  • the Institute of Information Science and Technologies (CNR-ISTI) operating in the field of computer science;
  • the Institute of Sciences and Technologies for Energy and Sustainable Mobility (CNR-STEMS) active in the key chemical and physical processes underlying energy conversion as well as in sustainable mobility
  • the Institute for high performance computing and networking (CNR-ICAR) operating in the area of intelligent systems with complex functionality and high performance computing;
  • the Advanced Energy Technology Institute (CNR-ITAE) active in developing innovative energy processes and technologies;
  • the Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment (CNR-IREA) active in the field of Earth Observation.

IORA contacts:


CONFITARMA, the Italian Confederation of Shipowners, was founded in 1901 and is the main association representing the interests of the Italian shipping industry.

  • Groups together Italian shipping companies and ship-owning groups operating in all sectors of freight and passenger transport, cruises and in auxiliary traffic services.
  • Promotes the development of the Italian merchant navy, within the framework of a policy that enhances maritime transport.
  • Supports Italian shipowning companies interests vis a vis the Italian institutions, as well as with economic, political, social and trade union organisations at national, EU and international level.
  • Stipulates trade union and economic agreements, as well as collective labour contracts.
  • Assists members on regulatory, economic, fiscal and social matters, particularly in the areas of development, the environment and energy, infrastructure and logistics, tourism, business culture, the labour market and training.

Affiliated to Confindustria, Confitarma is directly represented on the National Council for Economics and Employment (CNEL), is one of the founders and major financial backers of the Federation of the Sea (Italian Maritime System Federation), which represents the Italian Maritime Cluster.

Internationally, Confitarma is a member of: ECSA – European Community Shipowners’ Associations; ICS/ISF – International Chamber of Shipping/International Shipping Federation; BIMCO – Baltic and International Maritime Council; INTERTANKO – International Association of Independent Tanker Owners; INTERCARGO – International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners; IMEC – International Maritime Employers’ Committee Ltd, and collaborates with: IMO – International Maritime Organization and ILO – International Labour Organization

Possible collaboration with IORA and Member States:

Given the growing importance of the Indian Ocean in world maritime trade – where one third of world maritime traffic is concentrated, two thirds of bulk dry cargo traffic and one third of oil trade as well as about half of world traffic with container ships – Confitarma, whose a significant part of associated members is operating in this area, is very interested to share the priorities identified by IORA related to the blue economy, especially  those related to sustainable green, digital and resilient shipping activities.


  • Mario Mattioli, President
  • Laurence Martin, Chief of International Relation Department

IORA Contacts:

CORILA – Consortium for coordination of research activities concerning the Venice lagoon system

CORILA is a non-profit association between the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, the IUAV University of Venice, the University of Padua, the National Research Council and the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics. The headquarter is in Venice, in Palazzo Palazzo X Savi close to Rialto bridge. It is supervised by the Ministry of University and Research, whose Minister is part of the Venice Safeguard Committee, led by the Prime Minister and composed of Ministers and local authorities. CORILA promotes and coordinates research on the Venice lagoon, also internationally; facilitates interaction with the scientific community; studies the physical system, the environmental, architectural and landscape, economic and social aspects of the lagoon and of the settlements, strongly interconnected components of a complex system; processes and manages this information in an integrated framework; carries out interdisciplinary scientific research projects relevant to the problems of the Lagoon and organizes a wide dissemination of research and its results.

IORA contacts:

Distretto Pesca Mazara del Vallo

The district can count on more than 130 companies in the fisheries and maritime supply chain, from shipbuilding to fishing, from processing to processing fish. It groups together public and research Institutions, trade and producer associations such as the Chamber of Commerce of Trapani, the IAMC-CNR, the Scientific and Technological Park of Sicily, the University of Palermo, the ICRAM, the Zooprophylactic Institute of Sicily, the Banco di Sicilia Foundation.

Possible collaboration with IORA and Member States:

350 fishing boats, 4 shipyards, 10 fish processing industries, 36 satellite companies that revolve around the induced, these are some of the assets that give Mazara an excellent position in the maritime sector, as one of the most important fishing port in Italy with 30,000 tons of fish per year.

Today the Mazara district represents the entire Sicilian fishing sector, and offers companies of the fisheries supply chain services in support of management, organizational and commercial choices, allowing a new path of growth, in harmony with environmental and human needs.

Since 2007 the Mazara district has chosen to concentrate on Blue Economy, and has launched the International BlueSeaLand event, which underlines the central role of the sea in sustainable economic, environmental and social processes of the Mediterranean.

IORA contacts:


e-GEOS, is an ASI (20%) and Telespazio (80%) company, and a leading international player in the business of Earth Observation and Geo-Spatial Information. e-GEOS is the global distributor for the COSMO-SkyMed data, the largest and most advanced Radar Satellite constellation available today.

Possible collaboration with IORA and Member States:

e-GEOS offers a unique portfolio of application services, specially thanks to the superior monitoring capabilities of COSMO-SkyMed constellation. It has acquired a leading position within European Copernicus Program, covering the whole value chain, from data acquisition to the generation of analytics reports.

e-GEOS, thanks to proprietary assets and algorithms, integrates data from all satellites with the IoT information gathered over different sources, creating a BigData lake where all the e-GEOS platforms are able to extract significant indicators dedicated to different markets.

e-GEOS provides Geo-information services such as monitoring for environmental protection, geo-hazard analysis for critical assets ad infrastructures monitoring both off shore and on shore, rush mapping in support to natural and man-made disasters, specialized platforms forland, agriculture, insurance, cultural sites, urban and industrial site management, defense and intelligence. 

Near Real time oil spill and vessel detection services for maritime surveillance platforms.

e-GEOS also runs a multi-purpose 24h Emergency mapping Centre that is able to work in rush mode, supporting the customers with challenging Service Level Agreement.

Today these services are used by both institutional and private customers. For more detailed information, please visit e-GEOS web site:

IORA contacts:


The National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development is dedicated to research, technological innovation and providing advanced services to the public and private sector on energy, environment and sustainable economic development.

ENEA has highly qualified personnel, advanced laboratories, experimental facilities and equipment for the realization of projects, studies, tests, evaluations, analysis and training services particularly on product and process innovation.

Its strong points are applied research, technology transfer and technical-scientific assistance to companies, associations, central and local government.

Its areas of specialization are energy technologies (renewable energy sources, accumulators and smart grids).

The Agency also coordinates the National Energy Technology Cluster, nuclear fusion and safety (where the Agency is the national research coordinator), energy efficiency (with the National Efficiency Agency), technologies for cultural heritage, seismic protection, food security, pollution, life sciences, strategic raw materials, climate change.

ENEA supports the production system and public authorities (Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Economic Development in particular) in the transition towards the circular economy and resource efficiency.

ENEA collaborates with numerous national and international research bodies and institutions, such as Texas Tech University, the Stanford Research Institute, New Delhi University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, ICTP, TWAS.

ENEA also participates in technological platforms and networks such as EERA (European Energy Research Alliance), ECRA (European Climate Research Alliance), MEDENER and Enterprise Europe Network, the largest network of services to support competitiveness and innovation for SMEs.

Possible collaboration with IORA and Member States:

ENEA can contribute to the IORA activities with the expertise on ocean energy assessment  and exploitation in the Mediterranean sea area that has been developed in the last decade in the context of a long collaboration with MISE (Ministry of Industry) and of European Projects in the framework of FP7, H2020 and INTERREG, (SINGULAR, OCEANSET, PELAGOS)

Enea is currently involved in a cooperation project with the Maldives. ENEA’s main task is to develop and use ocean models for the prediction of currents and waves to be use for the assessment of the marine energy potential and the individuation of the best technological solutions for its exploitation.

IORA contacts:

ENR – Ente nazionale di Ricerca e Promozione per la Standardizzazione

ENR intervenes in the standardization system in the processes of production and promotion of the use of voluntary technical standards, one of the main tools, in the current phase of globalization of the markets, in defence and support of the society.

Possible collaboration with IORA and Member States:

It contributes in an important way to the development of new legislative standards and, by acting as a hub for the standardization system as a whole, works to favour the nurturing of the necessary context so that the accredited subjects can effectively carry out their certification activities. ENR has the objective of bridging the gap between competence and capacity in the standardization sector through the promotion of the use of technical standards in real contexts.

IORA contacts:

Federazione del Mare

Established in May 1994, the Federation of the Italian Maritime System (in short the Federation of the Sea) brings together most of the organizations of the sector: ITALIAN ACADEMY OF THE MERCHANT MARINE (training), AIDIM (maritime law), ANCIP (port work), ANIA (insurance), ASSONAVE (shipbuilding), ASSOPORTI (port authority), Assorimorchiatori (harbor towage), CETENA (naval research), Board of Captains (staff maritime), CONFINDUSTRIA NAUTICA (yachting), CONFITARMA(merchant shipping), FEDERAGENTI (maritime agency and brokerage), FEDEPILOTI (pilotage), FEDERPESCA (fishing navigation), FEDESPEDI (international transport), INAIL / exIPSEMA (maritime pension) and RINA (certification and classification).

The Federation of the Sea aims at representing its common values, culture and interests.

The maritime activities annually produce goods and services for a value of 34 billion euros (2% of GDP) and purchase from other branches of the economy supplies for € 20 billion, providing employment to 530,000 people.

The Italian federation of the Sea is conducting a proactive role within the European Network of Maritime clusters (ENMC), and is represented at the helm of the Eu Association by Amb. Vincenzo Petrone (President of ASSONAVE) as Vice President.

In 2019, the Italian Maritime Cluster published the  VI Report on the economy of the sea. Commissioned to theCENSIS Foundation, Cogea and SRM, the report highlights that the value produced by the economy of the sea and its socio-economic importance – with the significant employment impact of the maritime cluster, both direct and induced in the rest of the sectors of our economy – constitutes a significant factor for the development of the Italian economy.

The impact of the activities related to the sea goes far beyond the aspects most closely related to their logistical dimension and directly affects the entire national agricultural and industrial production system. More information available on: (

Federazione del mare (

  • Mario Mattioli-President
  • Laurence Martin – Secretary General

IORA contacts:


The National Federation of Fishing Enterprises (FEDERPESCA), established in 1961 and a member of Confindustria since that year, brings together, represents and protects the interests of Italian fishery vessel owners and fishery companies in their relations with the Italian Government and Parliament and with the European Union. It is a contracting party to the National Collective Labour Contracts for Sea Fishing and Mechanical Net Producers. 

Together with the trade union organizations of its workers, FEDERPESCA is part of the National Fisheries Observatory and of the Bilateral Fishing Agency (EBI PESCA) for the management of the regulatory insitutions called for by the NCLC for fishery. Together with the trade union organizations of its workers, Federpesca has established FIS PESCA, an integrative health fund for embarked workers and their families.

Member companies, numbering approximately two thousands, are engaged in fishery and in the processing and marketing of fish products, in the production of nets, equipment and services for fishery, shipbuilding and production of plants and equipment within the enlarged fish supply chain.

The Federation’s objectives are:

  • to represent the industry in the relations with Government Agencies, offices, bodies and associations of all kind;
  • to protect the interests of member companies in all legal, economic, and technical contexts, in keeping with the interests of the nation;
  • to assist and represent companies in the fiscal and tax field;
  • to assist and represent companies, associations in solving problems regarding labour and social legislation;
  • to promote, study and carry out programmes and projects aimed to improve the development of fishery companies;
  • to follow the activities of similar industries at international level and to promote internationalization activities of companies throughout the supply chain;
  • to promote initiatives to protect marine environment and fight against marine pollution;
  • to promote surveys and studies in the field of research and professional training;
  • to promote cooperation activities and agreements and understandings with associations and institutions in other countries.

The Federation promotes specific initiatives aimed at favoring associations and more generally the aggregation of fishing companies in the territories, in harmony with the action exercised by the national and regional institutional levels, enhancing the tools provided by the sectoral regulation, such as the FLAGs and the Producer Organizations.

Moreover, Federpesca organizes seminars, workshops and in-depth meetings on specific topics related to national and community legislation, safety, labor relations, marine ecosystem, credit and product marketing.

The Federation, through Federpesca Ricerca & Sviluppo Srl, supports companies in the international context, in the search for markets and in the intermediation of the fish supply chain; provides real services and support in the research and study of consumption needs, conservation techniques, preparation and packaging of fish products.


via Antonio Gramsci 34, 00197 Roma
Tel. 063201257 –

Gianni&Origoni Studio

Gianni&Origoni Studio legale internazionale is one of the most important International Legal Firm in Italy and Europe. We are honorated to be part of the Italy-IORA Committee and for this we thanks Min. Mario Vattani e Mr. Luigi Giannini.  We are proud to joint the other members of the Committee for actively contributing to achieve important and concrete results for the sustainable economic development of the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean Regions.

Since the beginning of the “road map” that Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to go toward the ambitious goal to become a “Dialogue Partner”to the IORA Organization, Gainni&Origoni strongly supported the efforts of the Ministry and in some cases participated actively to meetings and conferences organized about the “Blue Economy”, that is the main “tool” of the Committee as well.

This is why we, as legal Firm, wish to give to the “IORA Community” a concrete contribution in terms of our world-wide legal competences and experiences.

IORA Contacts:

Giovanni Moschetta, Of CounselEuropean and International Law –

IBG SRL WestMED Assistance Mechanism – Seafuture

IBG is the Italian Blue Growth company, focused on the promotion and development of innovative and sustainable business models in the Blue Economy.

This goal is pursued through the realization of business conventions, implementation of EU funded projects, diversification of fields and sectors of application of maritime technologies.

Possible collaboration with IORA and Member States:

  • SEAFUTURE, at its 7th edition next year 2021, is the international business convention focused on maritime technologies, systems and processes, refitting and transformation of ships towards all kinds of applications (military, industrial, shipping, environmental, patrol&rescue, oceanographic research, oil&gas, etc.).

Since January 2019 IBG partners Leonardo Manzari and Laura Parducci, have become the Italian National Hub of the WestMED Assistance Mechanism of the European Commission, aimed at the adoption of a common Blue Growth Basin policy among the 5+5 Dialogue countries (Algeria, France, Italy, Lybia, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia) and at the establishment of partnerships among stakeholders of the Blue Economy for the submission of EU (and also non-EU) funded projects.

WestMed has:

  • 3 main objectives: a safer and more secure maritime space, a smart and resilient blue economy by 2022 and better governance of the sea;
  • a complete set of priorities, activities and actions, described in the strategic document Framework for Action, involving all main fields of Blue Economy (Maritime Clusters, Fishing and Aquaculture, Sustainable Transport, Sustainable Coastal Tourism, Blue Skills, Maritime Surveillance).

In February 2019, under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the WestMED Italian National Hub was initiated in Rome gathering about 40 organisations amongst Regional Authorities, National Ministries and other relevant stakeholders operating in the Blue Economy sector.

The WestMed Assistance Mechanism (WMAM), through its network of National Hubs and its Central Team, also works on the identification of regional and national priorities for strategic projects to be supported by the initiative.

IORA contacts:

Legacoop Agroalimentare (Dipartimento pesca)

Member of the Cluster BIG
Member of MEDAC (Mediterranean Advisory Council)
Member of COGECA (General Committee for Agricultural Cooperation in the European Union) 

Gathers over 1200 italian cooperatives active all along the value chains of the agro-food sector. In particular, the Fishery Department of Legacoop Agroalimentare gathers around 300 cooperatives (having around 8.600 members) from the fishery and aquaculture sector, which are active in the primary production as well as on scientific research and processing.

The Association represents the interests of its member cooperatives at the local, national and international level, and supports them with consultancy and innovation initiatives.

The Association pursues the vision of a fishery sector sustainable under the environmental, social and economic aspects, and able to provide quality fish production to the communities, preserving the cultural value of the artisanal fishery heritage.

To this scope, it valorizes also the connections with the other sectors of Legacoop, that is the oldest Italian Association of Cooperatives dating back in 1886, gathering cooperatives from all economic sectors, ranging from agriculture to retailing, from to social services to engineering, and so on.

Since several years the “Legacoop Agroalimentare – Dipartimento pesca” is active on international development projects – directly or through Haliéus, the structure of Legacoop for international development cooperation – valorizing the experience and expertise of its member cooperatives for the benefit of fishery and aquaculture communities around the world.

IORA contacts:

OGS – National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics

OGS, the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics is a public research Institute operating under the aegis of the Italian Ministry of University and Research – MUR.

The Institute performs its research projects, skills development, services and knowledge transfer initiatives in a number of geographic areas of interest such as Polar Areas, Mediterranean Region, South East Europe, Balkan Countries, Adriatic-Ionian Region, etc. OGS is an internationally oriented research institute who has built solid networks with Partners from different parts of the world and has established a number of partnerships in Europe, in Developing Countries and in transition-economies’ Countries.

The institute operates in fields related to Earth Sciences, Geophysics, Oceanography, Marine, Maritime and Inland Waters, Seismology and Infrastructures to contribute to the environmental protection, sustainable economic development and social inclusion through tailored made initiatives in order to evaluate and prevent geological, environmental and climatic risks, with the aim of spreading scientific culture and knowledge, building capacities and transferring knowledge.

OGS manages important multidisciplinary research infrastructures to boost cooperation and mobility of people and ideas, and put together the best European and worldwide scientists in order to strengthen their skills, enhance their career path and create a network of potential future leaders. Moreover, the Institute is involved, with its own research vessel (OGS Laura Bassi), in geophysical investigations, as well as important oceanographic projects, climate related studies and secure energy in various parts of the world.

With its strong international vocation, OGS focuses on the following main research themes: blue growth (marine and maritime sectors and inland waters); environment and climate (climate and ecological modelling, polar research); biodiversity and ecosystem functionality (oceanography and marine geophysics and biology); earthquakes and natural hazards (marine geohazards and seismology); natural resources (gas hydrates); secure, clean and efficient energy (geothermal energy).

IORA contacts:

  • Mounir Ghribi, Director ICAP – International Cooperation, Communication, Skills Development and Research Promotion –

University of Siena – Plastic Busters Project

The Mediterranean is one of the seas most affected by marine litter worldwide. Still, the nature and effects of plastic litter on marine biota are largely unknown and a long way ahead exist for the full implementation of policy commitments and the effective reduction of marine litter and the risks it poses to marine wildlife. 

Over a 4-year period, the Plastic Busters Initiative will enable to assess the amount, sources, pathways, distribution convergence areas and effects of marine litter on biota as well as mitigate and reduce the impact of marine litter in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Possible collaboration with IORA and Member States:

A series of concrete prevention and mitigation actions and approaches (e.g. fishing for litter; removal and collection of derelict fishing gear and establishing recycling mechanisms e.g. “Healthy Seas initiative”; establish return/deposit systems for packaging, etc.) are intended to be developed, tested and promoted during the project in several pilot areas throughout the Mediterranean basin. Following a life cycle thinking and a circular economy approach, the project will also carry out a systemic evaluation of the feasibility, reliability and sustainability while involving relevant stakeholders such as port authorities, fishermen and municipalities.

The project also foresees a wide range of actions to enhance the awareness of stakeholders and catalyze change in their perceptions and attitudes towards marine litter waste.

IORA contacts:

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – International Program in Cultural Diplomacy (IPCD)

IPCD (International Program in Cultural Diplomacy) is a highly innovative education and research Center that aims to advance worldwide the knowledge and practice of Public and Cultural Diplomacy. 

By engaging in international research and policies of Cultural Diplomacy, based on cultural heritage and diversity of people, history, identity and values, IPCD’s mission is to build bridges of understanding and cooperation and foster dialogue between different cultures. This contributes to strengthen regional and multilateral diplomatic bonds, improving relations among geopolitical areas based on universal values and principles that only Culture can convey.

Possible collaboration with IORA and Member States:

IPCD would like to extend its international knowledge platform to IORA Member States, focusing on its core competencies and ongoing research activities with public institutions and global corporations in the following areas: Digital diplomacy, Art and Museum Diplomacy, City diplomacy, Sport diplomacy and Corporate/Business diplomacy. 

IORA contacts:

  • Federica Olivares. Director, International Program in Cultural Diplomacy, Professor of Cultural planning at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore –

University of Napoli Federico II – Task Force on Blue Italian Growth

The research group is part of a collective and interdisciplinary initiative known as the Task Force on Blue Italian Growth – Sea policies and Development trajectories – of the University of Naples Federico II

Possible collaboration with IORA and Member States:

The Task Force combines facilities and expertise of more than 100 staff scientists from 11 different Departments in the areas of Biology, Biotechnology, Agricultural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Earth, Environmental and Resources Sciences, Engineering. The Task Force supports research projects and activities involving multidisciplinary studies on Blue Biotechnology, Biotic and Abiotic Marine Resources, Shipbuilding and Marine Robotics, Marine Environment and Coastal Zone Protection, Renewable Energies from the Sea. The initiative provides the necessary scientific knowledge, equipment and infrastructure to support research activities spanning from the observation of natural processes in marine areas to sustainability and economic uses of the sea. 

IORA contacts:

  • Prof. Stefania Santini, professore associato di controlli automatici presso il Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e delle Tecnologie dell’Informazione (DIETI), Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II – 
  • Prof. Francesco De Paola, professore associato di costruzioni idrauliche e marittime e idrologia presso il Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Edile e Ambientale  (DICEA), Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II –;