The Indian Ocean holds great global significance, serving as a highway for international trade, a key geopolitical arena, and a reservoir of abundant resources. The Indian Ocean has played a large role in shaping human history. Early civilizations around the Indian Ocean rim interacted and influenced each other for millennia. Today, the stability and security of the Indian Ocean is crucial for maintaining a healthy global economy.

In recognition of the significance of the Indian Ocean region for the peace and prosperity of the world, the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) is an important partner for the Republic of Korea (ROK). Since joining IORA as a Dialogue Partner in November 2018, the ROK has been actively participating in IORA’s high-level meetings and several consultative groups on
IORA’s priorities and focus areas.

In addition to the formal channels above, an open-ended partnership seminar has been an annual event since 2020 where government officials and experts from IORA member states discussed a range of issues.

  • 1st Seminar on 29 October 2020: Path to Peace and Prosperity for the People in the Indian Ocean amid Pandemic
  • 2nd Seminar on 8-9 July 2021: Partnership for Blue Economy to achieve Sustainable Development
  • 3rd Seminar on 9-10 July 2022: Tourism and Cultural Exchanges in the Post-Pandemic Era
  • 4th Seminar on 14 December 2023: Management and Response Strategies for Marine Debris

The fifth seminar to take place in Seoul, Republic of Korea on 3 July 2024 aims to seek the furtherance of mutual interests in succession to the above-said previous attempts. The title will be “Harnessing sustainable ocean resources through ocean research.” As resources in this context refer to both the living and nonliving, the sessions are structured accordingly.

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