A webinar dedicated to sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean Region was held on 3 November. The initiative promoted by WesteMed, which in this webinar presented the state of the art of green and sustainable tourism throughout the region, focusing on its challenges and highlighting the opportunities for innovation. This theme of the call aims to preserve the marine and coastal environment and the marine cultural heritage and to contribute to the attractiveness of coastal areas as a unique resource for competitiveness in the Mediterranean. The webinar was attended by numerous representatives of important international and national organizations (Agenda)

A European dedicated call is published for western Mediterranean stakeholders (northern and southern shore) under the EMFAF (European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund). This fund addresses green and sustainable coastal and maritime tourism. The call will expire on 12 January 2022. (Click here to know more)

The purpose of this call is to support projects that will develop a multidimensional and integrated approach to re-building coastal and maritime tourism (including cruise tourism) in the Western Mediterranean. Proposals will include non-EU countries participating in the initiative for the sustainable development of the blue economy in the Western Mediterranean to ensure a coordinated approach at sea basin level.

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