Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) with the participation of Westmed organize a digital-themed webinar. Today, having digital skills is of fundamental importance. Digital transformation requires new skills and competencies, educational programs, and knowledge transfer in key sectors of the blue economy. The webinar aims to present a state of the art status, focusing in particular on two key sectors of the Blue Economy: aquaculture and tourism. The virtual meeting is also inspired by the Second Ministerial Declaration of the UfM on the sustainable blue economy, signed on February 2 by the UfM.

The event will bring together representatives from government agencies, national and regional organizations, SMEs, local businesses, start-ups, universities, decision-makers, and end-users from the blue economy and ICT sector to explore the potential of digitization in aquaculture and maritime tourism with a focus on essential digital skills. The event will be translated simultaneously into 3 languages: English, French and Arabic. Below is the complete webinar agenda.

To register and participate you can register, until 9th June, at the following link. There is also a guide that can be of help to those wishing to register

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