Kenya seems to be determined to improve its blue economy. The Construction of the Kenya Maritime headquarters in Mombasa is close to completion. Kenya Maritime head of shipping affairs John Omingo says that the headquarter conveys the authority’s recognition of immense maritime potential at the Coast and benefits Kenya’s economy.

Kisumu County Government intends to leverage the youth innovations exhibited by various participants at the Youth Conference in Aquaculture and Business Development to revive the aquaculture sector.

Dr. Mathew Owili, Deputy Governor, has highlighted that they prioritize food security and agribusiness as the key drivers to place the young people at the forefront of agricultural growth.

In partnership with the Aquaculture Business Development Programme (ABDP) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) among others, the Kisumu County government hosted the annual event aiming at identifying practical innovations and upscaling them for industrial use. 

Owili confirms that the youth offers an innovative, dynamic workforce that can stimulate economic growth in the aquaculture and agribusiness sector. The County plans to invest in young people, and this initiative will solve the increasing unemployment problem. 

The Kisumu government, together with IFAD, has established Aquaculture Business Development Programme to accelerate the blue economy growth amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The project targets 1,544 beneficiaries aimed at reducing poverty and increasing food security through aquaculture development.  The County has taken further steps by founding an Agricultural Sector Development Programme – a capacity-building venture for over 4,800 fish value chain actors to increase their incomes and a Fish Integrated Aqua Park for innovation and technology transfer

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