IORA refers to the creation of a Center of Excellence for the Special Dispute Resolution Fund project.

Mediation is a proven tool to help people work through their tensions and reach a mutually agreed binding settlement. The training will blend the art and science of mediation through highly interactive, skill-based negotiation and mediation courses. The training is tailored to suit all levels of professionals, from senior executives, business executives, human resources and internal consultants, to legal professionals. The training is suitable for participants who are eager to start an exciting new career in alternative dispute resolution, or simply wish to build on their existing skills, this professional training course will provide them with all the skills they need to practice as a successful civil/commercial mediator.

The 40-hour accredited mediation training course will provide participants with theoretical lessons and practical workshops to gain a deeper understanding of mediation as a method of conflict resolution. The trainers are experienced mediators from various countries, ensuring a diverse and enriching learning experience.

Member States are requested to disseminate the information to professionals working in the field of mediation in the Member States and dialogue partners.

Mediation Training Course: 18-20 September and 22-23 September 2023 in Abu Dhabi Global Market, United Arab Emirates.

A symposium day will be held on 21 September 2023 featuring panel discussions on various topics related to alternative dispute resolution, with a focus on mediation, online dispute resolution and arbitration. Below is a document to read

Comparative Study Targeted at an In-Depth Analysis of the Main Mechanisms for Dispute Resolution Through Arbitration and Mediation in Mauritius, South Africa, Australia, India and Singapore, with a Special Focus on maritime trade and foreign investment and related to the establishment of a IORA Dispute Resolution Center project” Click HERE for the study

The administrative and technical provisions are being finalized and will be communicated in due time together with the registration link. Due to funding constraints no hospitality will be offered to support participation, however Member States will be allocated free of charge participation on a demand basis.

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