This week, in Rome, an agreement between AdSp (Port System Authority of the Western Sicilian Sea) and Fincantieri was signed for the revival of shipbuilding in the port of Palermo. At the sign were present Pasqualino Monti, President of AdSp, and Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri, very proud of the closing of this deal.  The agreement provides the State concession in favor of Fincantieri, until 2057, for the creation of a shipbuilding center in the Sicilian port.

The deal, in addition to modernizing the infrastructure of the Palermo port, adding an area that will be used for shipbuilding, relaunch this sector of the blue economy in Italy. The agreement will bring the allocation by the Port Authority of approximately 120 million euros.  For Pasqualino Monti “this is an important step for the realization of the most important industrial asset in Sicily, which will consequently lead to a positive impact also in terms of employment in the city of Palermo and Sicily. The AdSp president continues “Now the challenge is against time, as the project involves  the whole structure of the port, and focuses on the 150,000-tons dry dock. Under concession terms, Fincantieri is committed to using it in dual use function, that is also for new constructions, and now it is up to us make the new infrastructure available to the shipbuilding group as soon as possible: to this end, we therefore hope that the Government will give us the opportunity to build it quickly and fast”.

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