In October 2020, Indian and Norwegian officials held a virtual meeting to discuss their maritime partnership expansion including, the construction of vessels and developing the Blue Economy for sustainable development.

During the meeting, significant progress in synergizing potentials in both countries, especially in areas such as fisheries, aquaculture, green technologies for maritime use, construction of vessels, ship recycling, and green ports, has been highlighted, as well as undertaken cohesive action in areas of marine pollution, integrated ocean management, and research, and marine spatial planning.

Additionally, Foreign Ministers of the two countries reviewed The Dialogue on Trade and Investment (DTI). It has given the incentive for the involvement of Norwegian companies in India and business cooperation. In January, at the first meeting of DTI, the areas of cooperation were identified, and they include maritime, fisheries, tourism, skill development, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME), and renewable energy, among others.

Over 100 Norwegian companies are engaged in India in areas such as shipbuilding, petroleum-related services, marine/sub-sea drilling equipment, hydropower, clean energy, and IT services.

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