The XI edition of the Diplomacy festival, which took place on 19-30 October 2020 and included the Italy-IORA Webinar on Developing Sustainable Cruise Tourism, also included three events to bring attention to the situation in the Mediterranean from different perspectives.

On October 29 and 30, the experts Ambassador Laura Mirachian, and Francesca Manenti, Senior Analyst Ce.S.I shared their opinions on the matters of the Mediterranean.

Laura Mirachian gave an overview on the Mediterranean and the Middle East, sharing her experience and knowledge for a general picture of a complex geopolitical area for over a millennium.

The centrality of the Mediterranean for the sustainable growth of the Italian economy was discussed by Francesca Manenti. She underlined the fundamental role of the Mediterranean for Italy.

On October 30, the webinar “Un Mediterraneo sempre più stretto” (“A closely knit Mediterranean”) was held to discuss the need for a strategy for Italy’s shipping and fisheries sector and its fleet, in collaboration with Blue Sea-Land, under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The guests of the webinar were Antonino Carlino (President of the Mazara del Vallo Blue Fishing and Growth District); Vincenzo Celeste (DG for the European Union, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation); Ida Caracciolo (University of Naples); Fabio Fiorentino (fuNR); Luigi Giannini (President of Federpesca); Giampaolo Buonfiglio (President of the Fishing Sector of the Alleanza Cooperative Italiane); Edgardo Bandiera (Councilor for Agriculture and Mediterranean Fisheries of the Sicilian Region). It was chaired by Paolo Quercia, an analyst, and consultant in the fields of strategy and international relations.

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