ENR (The National Institution of Italy for Standardization Research and Promotion), an active member of the Italy-IORA Committee, participated in the ninth edition of the “Blue Sea Land – Expo of Clusters of the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East”.

The event, organized by the Blue Fishing and Growth District in collaboration with the Sicilian Region, MAECI and MIPAAF, took place from 22 to 25 October 2020.

Blue Sea Land is one of the most important international events taking place in Sicily and has the aim of developing diplomatic, scientific and economic cooperation between many countries, from the Mediterranean to the countries of the Indian Ocean.

Among the various topics covered: fishing, aquaculture, climate change, sustainable development and innovation.

The webinar organized by ENR on “The demand for a clean and safe sea meets the offer of green and self-sufficient boats” combined the themes of environmental sustainability and innovation. Technological innovation whose first requirement is to increase the safety of those who live and work at sea. The explication of demand from sea users has met the description of the technological offer starting from the Mediterranean basin and reaching an international dimension.

A full recording of the ENR webinar is available here.

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