The 2022 edition of Earth Technology Expo to be held in Florence from 5 to 8 October will be presented on Tuesday 11 January in Rome at the Congress Hall of the National Civil Protection Department.

During the meeting, Deputy Foreign Minister Marina Sereni intervened and wanted to underline how the scarcity of water should not be underestimated. “Water is too often taken for granted, even though awareness of its scarcity and the importance of having it freely for lasting and sustainable economic growth, but also to prevent conflicts over the availability of resources, is increasing.

Marina Sereni

During the Expo, there will also be the Summit “Mediterranean ecosystem: climate, water, agriculture, energy, emergency management“. Precisely regarding the latter, Sereni expressed herself thus “The Italian Development Cooperation is actively engaged in supporting partner countries efficient and inclusive management of water resources. For this reason, in the Mediterranean we finance numerous initiatives such as those in Libya for the protection of the right to water and sustainable waste management, such as our contribution to the desalination plant project in the Gaza Strip, but also regional interventions such as the one with the CIHEAM of Bari, always engaged in these initiatives and member of the Italy-IORA Committee, to support technological innovation in the management of water and marine resources among the younger generations “. (Source: Giornale Diplomatic)

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