The project DH20me of the architect Cosimo Scotucci

Among the objectives set by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is that of “ensuring easy access for all to water and sanitation“. The main difficulty is to be able to reach the goal with the lowest environmental impact trying to reach it through zero emissions. Even today many countries, especially African ones, are experiencing difficulties due to drought and the lack of fresh drinking water. The scarcity of the primary source of life on Earth today could be solved by the dH20me project by architect Cosimo Scotucci who proposed a solution that involves a greenhouse located in the middle of the oceans.

Thanks to solar radiation, the water inside the dome evaporate, dividing itself from the salt and other chemical elements, and then condenses on the glass surface above. The drops of condensed water that remain on the fresh surface will slide by gravity into the recessed drainage system along the entire perimeter of the structure. Thanks to this system of separation of chemical elements, such as the salt contained in seawater, it will also be possible to find supplies of salt as well as drinking water. The exploitation of seawater basins, through this innovative system, would make it possible to solve the problem of drinking water once and for all.

The designed system provides for the evaporation of seawater through the greenhouse effect created by the dome

Scotucci, creator of this project declared “Access to drinking water is essential for the health of women and their children during and after pregnancy. DH2Ome could be a solution to simultaneously solve the water crisis and socio-economic problems. that are facing underdeveloped and developing countries“. (Source

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