The XXXIV edition of “Futuro Remoto” (“the future far ahead”) will take place under the theme ‘The Planet: epochal changes and global challenges‘ between 20-29 November 2020. The Festival that has 350 events scheduled is the first Science Festival in Europe has been given birth by the physicist Vittorio Silvestrini. Città della Scienza, an active member of the Italy-IORA Committee promotes the Festival, with the support of Campania Region, the co-organization of the seven universities of Campania and the collaboration of the National Institute of Astrophysics-Inaf, of the National Research Council-CNR, of the National Research Program in Antarctica, of the Italian Embassy in Mexico, of the US Consulate General of Naples and the Industrial Union of Naples.

The special guest of Futuro Remoto 2020, 2011 Nobel prize winner in Physics, Saul Perlmutter will focus on the role of scientific thought to counter disinformation and face the challenges of the future.  

The edition of this year will host a wide range of events covering topics from research and medicine in Africa to the effect of climate change on animal species; from the issue of sustainability in the field of agriculture to a journey at the intersection of art and science, by giving voice to the protagonists of research from all over the world, opening the doors of laboratories, research centers and social innovation realities to the general public of all ages. 

It will also include events such as: Connecting Live from Antarctica with the Concordia base – organized by ENEA-National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development and the National Research Program for ‘Antarctica; visiting the Antarctica Mission exhibition with a virtual tour; the atmosphere of Mars with the appointment, organized by the Institute for the Applications of Calculation IAC-CNR.

Futuro Remoto 2020 will also see the presence of MIT in Boston with a talk organized in collaboration with the US Consulate in Naples that will illustrate the contribution of new digital technologies in supporting collective intelligence processes, with participatory and innovative solutions, especially on environmental issues. (future far ahead) 

The extensive focus on new digital technologies has generated the new section of this year’s program represented by the exceptional columns. The Journalists but also young scientific communicators, Youtubers, and TickTokers will talk about the themes of Remote Future using social networks media and new platforms to reach the very young audience.

Another exclusive event of Futuro Remoto 2020 has been organized by Città della Scienza and the Industrial Union of Naples. It concerns innovation and new economies with the contribution of scientific research to the modernization processes of companies, and on how digital technologies can accelerate the energy transition of production plants, of the circular economy, and in general clean industrial processes.

The inaugural event of Futuro Remoto will be held on November 20 at 10.00 and will be available online from the website:

TO PARTICIPATE, REGISTER AT: Edizione-di-futuro-remoto-pianeta-128020997249

Badriyya Soltanli

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