On November 4, 2020, Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee, Cluster BIG, Bluemed CSA, Federpesca, active stakeholders in the Italy-IORA Committee held a conference entitled “Healthy and circular blue growth in the Italian seas: examples of circularity in the maritime value chains”.

The conference aimed at promoting a discussion and progressive structuring of the National Marine and maritime Community (Research and Academia, Businesses, Administrations, Civil Society) on the challenges and opportunities of the circular economy declined in the various sectors of the sea economy. This starting from Strategies, Initiatives, and significant Projects in progress (e.g. BLUEMED, WESTMED, National Strategy on Bioeconomy, Action Plan of the Cluster BIG, MED-Panoramed Innovation, MED-Mistral), and given the guidelines and priorities of the new Programming Period, with particular reference to the Horizon Europe Partnership ‘A climate-neutral, sustainable and productive Blue Economy’ being discussed and to the Programs that will use the European Cohesion Funds in the various forms envisaged (e.g. ETC Programs, Structural Funds, and S3 Strategies).

The conference sections were chaired by Andrea Barbanti (National Research Council (CNR) & Blue Growth Technology Cluster); Silvia Grandi (Ministry of Economic Development); Luigi Giannini (Federpesca); Roberto Cimino (Blue Italian Growth National Technology Cluster); Enrico Granara (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation).

The program was attended by Sigi Gruber (EC-DG RTD); Luca Marangoni (European Commission – EASME); Daniele Bosio (MAECI, Co-Presidency WESTMED Initiative); Giovanni Caprino (CETENA, Cluster BIG); Representative of the Maritime Cluster of Tunisia; Nino Carlino (COSVAP); Daniele Rossi (Port Authority Central-Northern Adriatic Sea); Cristian Chiavetta (Lab RISE – Sustainability Department, ENEA); Emilio Campana (CNR-DIITET, Cluster BIG); Jann Martinsohn (EU JRC Ispra); Ilaria Antoncecchi (MISE); Mauro Randone (WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative); Gian Marco Luna (CNR -RBIM, Cluster BIG); David Chiaramonti (Politecnico di Torino); Dr. Stefano Firpo (Banca Intesa); Paolo Baldoni (GARBAGE Group); Lorenzo Barone (Castalia); Susanna Bedarida (ENI); Port System Authority of the Central Adriatic Sea; and Roberto Morassut (Undersecretary Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea).

For further information, click the link below: https://en.ecomondo.com/events/program/seminars-and-conferences/e16143505/blue-growth-sana-e-circolare-nei-mari-italiani-esempi-di-circolarita-nelle-catene-del-valore-marittime.html

Badriyya Soltanli

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