The webinar organized by IORA on October 18th will be entitled “Women Empowerment in Cataloguing Hazardous events“. The virtual meeting will be focus on sectors such as health, agriculture and construction which are affected by hazardous events. The virtual meeting aims to raise awareness among participants on early warning and the main risks associated with the cataloging of dangerous events. As the title suggests, women are the protagonists of this webinar and have a key role in the social, political and economic sectors and of course in the family, so it is essential to protect their vulnerability to dangerous situations. IORA continues its battle in favor of the emancipation of women, and on the strengthening of the same in the key roles of society.

The workshop is promoted by the Atmospheric Science and Meteorological Research Center (ASMERC) in collaboration with the WMO Regional Training Center of Tehran (Tehran-RTC) and will be held from 11:00-12:00hrs in Tehran Time (GMT+4.30), 10.30-11:30 Hrs MUT (GMT+4) via Cisco WebEx.

For any further info about the Draft Agenda click HERE

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