Organized by Korea as IORA’s Dialogue Partner, the third seminar will be held as part of the collaboration between the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the IORA Organization entitled “Exploring Opportunities for Sustainable Growth through Reinvention of Tourism and Cultural Exchanges in the Post-Pandemic Era“. The idea of ​​addressing this issue as part of the partnership with IORA was born after the ROK attended the first meeting of the Core Group on Tourism (CGT) on 31 August 2020 and the second meeting of the CGT on 10 January 2022, to explore the possibility of mutual cooperation. Over the past two years, the tourism and culture industries have been particularly challenged by COVID-19. Furthermore, preparations must be made for the post-pandemic era in the face of green and digital transformation. The tourism and culture industries need to reinvent themselves for long-term sustainable development. To achieve this, it is essential to cooperate and share mutual experiences.

In order to promote substantial and practical discussions, the ROK will co-host the seminar with the Korea Culture and Tourism Institute (KCTI), an institution with ample expertise and experience in the area. The ROK will also co-host the seminar with Jeju-do, a Special Self-governing Province of the ROK, that has jurisdiction over Jeju island, the most appealing destination in Korea.

The Seminar will be in hybrid format, integrating virtual (recorded video and real-time) and offline. The entire seminar will be recorded and live-streamed for IORA Member States and Dialogue Partners. Approximately 30 participants are expected to attend in person, about half of whom are from the IORA Member State’s diplomatic delegation in Korea, one person per Member State in principle. After the presentation of each session, there will be a panel discussion, and diplomatic delegations of IORA Member States are welcome to participate in the panel discussion. 

The ROK would like to invite policy-makers and experts from government agencies or national research institutes on tourism and cultural exchanges of the IORA and Member States as presenters. The seminar will consist of two sessions: Eco-friendly and Digital Tourism for Resilience and Transformation (Session 1) and Cooperation for the Sustainable Development on Tourism and Cultural Exchanges (Session 2). The presenters are required either to submit a 15 minute-long video footage or to give a real-time presentation. It would be of great help if the ROK can have a list of contact points of agencies or institutes related to tourism and cultural exchanges. 

Considering the topic of the Seminar and the availability of additional events such as visits to relevant institutions and local tourist attractions, the event will be hosted in Jeju island. Jeju is the most attractive destination in Korea, and its tourism industry is very developed. Also, Jeju is a famous venue for many national and international events. The event will be scheduled for two days, keeping in line with the strict quarantine regulations against the spread of COVID-19. 

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