In the view of accomplishing ‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat’ (Self-reliant India) goals, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, announced the plan to prioritize the Blue Economy of India through multiple projects to advance infrastructure, sustainable coastal development, and coastal connectivity on February 14.

In addition to the launch of the petrochemical complex of oil major Bharat Petroleum and Ro-Ro Vessels of Inland Waterways at Willingdon Island, PM Modi introduced Cochin Port Trust’s International Cruise Terminal, ‘Sagarika’. The terminal is guaranteed to boost the tourism. It is worth noting, the Government of India has been working with stakeholders, consultants and engaging in various activities to become a global hub for cruise tourism. The latter point has also been mentioned at the Italy-IORAwebinar devoted to “Developing Sustainable Cruise Tourism” on October 21, 2020, and the Italian Government considers offering training courses for cruise terminal officers from IORA countries, in collaboration with the Civitavecchia Port Authority and its state-of-the-art cruise terminal.

Together with the Sagarika International Cruise Terminal, Cochin Shipyard’s campus for marine engineering and training, Vigyana Sagar – the new knowledge campus of Cochin Shipyard to broaden the human resources development capital was launched.

Badriyya Soltanli

(Source: prioritising-the-blue-economy)

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