On January 12, Federpesca and AIPE (Italian Association of Expanded Polystyrene Producers and Processors) signed a memorandum aimed at promoting projects that will focus on sustainability both in the maritime sector, as well as in the port and fish markets. Fishing and aquaculture represent a key sector of the blue economy, just as the expandable polystyrene industry is a key supply chain in the packaging economy.

The challenge, for European countries, will be the continuous depletion of natural resources and waste management. A sustainable economy seeks to get the most from natural resources, avoiding their dispersion and promoting proper use and recycling

The Memorandum aims to support and empower SMEs in the EPS isothermal packaging sector and the fisheries and aquaculture sector in implementing good circular economy practices. Luigi Giannini, President of Federpesca, said “We have always been at the forefront to represent the daily commitment of fishing companies and fishermen for the protection of the sea. In recent years we have promoted many projects aimed at recovering plastics from the sea. Today we take a step further. With this vision, we have intended to collaborate with AIPE, to demonstrate that joint action for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea. Our approach seeks harmonic and sustainable wellbeing and economic growth to enrich everyone, and represents a significant barrier to climate change. “

Alessandro Augello, President of AIPE, added “The Association is actively involved in specific projects aimed at implementing the correct management of EPS boxes for fish, one of the main areas of application of our material in the packaging sector, remaining in contact with numerous Italian ports and fish markets and it is involved in an important project managed in collaboration with Fantambiente, “EPS differs“, focused on creating the collection and circularity of polystyrene in large-scale distribution. ” (Source: Federpesca)

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