Smart Wave is a marine climate platform designed with the contribution of the European Regional Fund of the Sicilian Region to support sustainable development and environmental protection within the Blue Economy. Giorgio Lupoi, the Partner of Speri Studio and who received an award for the research project, in partnership with the University of Palermo, stated that the “Smart Wave” project provides forecasting tool and statistical analysis to support the management of risks and critical issues to improve safety standards on a global scale.

He further explained that the platform is connected to an advanced geo-referenced information system. It allows immediate, interactive, and customizable consultation of essential marine meteorological information with combined use of reliable meteorological data, numerical models robust evolutionary, state-of-the-art analysis methods, and tools. The results, visible on thematic maps, are available in deep waters and coastal areas with a timely and constant update of the forecasts in every corner of the planet, adds Lupoi.

According to Lupoi, it is feasible to minimize the environmental impact of the production activities and promote the sustainable use of living resources, flora and fauna, and non-living resources, materials, and fossil fuels help to combat climate change,  intervene in the management of coasts and in that of Smart-ports, in the design of maritime works and on the safety of installations in the open sea, favoring the planning, construction and management of structures, infrastructures and more generally of all activities related to the sea.

Among the needs, there is that of making operations in the marine environment safer, access to stretches of coast, port docks, offshore installations and, finally, maritime transport”, he concludes.

(Source: Siciliaogginotizie)

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