In the context of renewal and recovery marking the tourism industry after the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the cruise sector shows encouraging signs of recovery. Globally or in the Indian Ocean, the year 2023 marked a decisive turning point, with a dynamic resurgence of activity. In this era of renewal, the importance of innovation and diversification play a key role in redefining the tourist landscape of the Indian Ocean. These efforts are guided by a common goal: to broaden the range of clientele and enrich the tourist offering.

It is in this context that the announcement made by Royal Caribbean International with the arrival of its ship Serenade of the Seas, scheduled for the month of May fits. This initiative promises to inaugurate a new era of travel and discovery for the region.

The two parties released statements following the closing of this important trade agreement which will certainly revitalize the coastal territory of the islands and the entire Oceanic Region

Pascal VIROLEAU, the Director of the Vanilla Islands, expresses his satisfaction and enthusiasm for this new collaboration. According to him, this expansion represents the fruit of hard work and ongoing commitment to excellence. It also tests to the growing appeal that this area has among travelers worldwide. This development is an opportunity to increase the international visibility of each of the islands.

From Royal Caribbean’s side, Alessandro CAROLLO, Associate Vice-President for Government Relations, highlights the strategic vision underlying this expansion. The decision to integrate the Vanilla Islands into Royal Caribbean’s destination network is motivated by the desire to meet the aspirations of guests in search of authentic and unforgettable experiences.

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