In accordance with the commitment made by IORA leaders through Jakarta Concord, which aims to “Promote sustainable and responsible fisheries management and development” and the IORA Action Plan, the IORA CGFM was proposed to strengthen regional cooperation in the field of management of fisheries and aquaculture in the Indian Ocean. The IORA CGFM will be a platform where Member States’ fisheries management stakeholders will be brought together to identify priorities, opportunities and challenges and advise on the way forward to sustainably develop and manage this important sector in the region. of the IORA. It will also explore ways and create synergies with other existing IORA working groups to share information, exchange experiences and explore opportunities for collaboration and cooperation with existing international/regional fisheries organizations in the Indian Ocean region.

The Work Plan for IORA CGFM is a guiding document on fisheries-related topics of common interest to all Member States, as well as areas that require attention and focus of the whole IORA region. The Work Plan identifies possible work streams inachieving main objectives of IORA CGFM to enhance sustainable fisheries management, development, fisheries practices, and cooperation in the region and to ensure protection and conservation of fisheries resources in the IORA Region.

Aside to achieve the main objective of IORA cooperation on sustainable fisheries management in Jakarta Concord, the work plan of IORA CGFM will have some main activities that also can collaborate with national priorities of member states as follows:

  • Promote fisheries and aquaculture database management in the IORA Region;
  • Encourage close cooperation among IORA members and dialogue partners with the participation of their respective public and private sectors partners;
  • Enhance cooperation and collaboration with the IORA Fisheries Support Unit (FSU) for knowledge sharing, capacity building, and addressing the strategic issues of the fisheries and aquaculture in the region;

In recognizing the IORA CGFM position within the IORA body, the Work Plan welcomes other IORA Members and IORA Dialogue Partners to collaborate on specific projects and activities.

For the Draft, Agenda click HERE

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