The Indian Ocean Dialogue (IOD) was instituted by IORA in 2013, to encourage open and free flowing discussions by key representatives of IORA Member States. This has now become an important fixture in the IORA’s annual calendar. Since the 1st IOD in 2014 at Kochi, India, IORA member states have debated and discussed a variety of threats and challenges confronting the region. The 6th Dialogue was held at New Delhi, India under the theme “Indo-Pacific:Re-imagining the Indian Ocean through an Expanded Geography”.
Italy participated for the first time as dialogue partner in this edition of the IOD, which explored topical issues of relevance to IORA:

  • Indo-Pacific: Seamless and Collective
  • Maritime Connectivity and Infrastructure
  • Delivering Public Goods at Sea:Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Diplomacy
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