IORA at the request of South Africa promotes important research on “Cultural Heritage for Coastal Tourism and Climate Action in the Indian Ocean Region“. The research was carried out by Prof. Rosabelle Boswell, with the collaboration of Dr JL Thornton (Postdoctoral Fellow Ocean Cultures and Heritage, South Africa), Ms Jentrix Sakwa and Mr Charles Vonza (Prospective MA Anthropology Students, Kenya), Dr Penda Choppy (Collaborator, University of Seychelles). The IORAG Chair (South Africa) has conveyed its support for the application. The research aims and objectives (as set out in the accompanying proposal) support the overarching strategic goals under Tourism and Cultural Exchanges; Academic, Science and Technology Cooperation; Women’s Economic Empowerment; and Trade and Investment and could be a catalyst in support of the development of the area of Cultural Exchanges as a regional engagement and economic development mechanism. The project would also be in support of the 2016 Declaration on Gender Equality and Women’s Economic Empowerment; the 2018 Balaclava Declaration on Women’s Economic Empowerment and Gender Equality as a Pre-Requisite for Sustainable Development; and the objectives of the MoU between IORA Member States for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The project aims to investigate, document, analyze and publish selected environmental conservation projects in the Indian Ocean Region (South Africa, Kenya, Seychelles, Mauritius) that have potential for the advancement of natural and cultural tourism.

Seychelles and Mauritius

The project duration is January 2023 with fieldwork data collection and data dissemination throughout the research period until the completion of the project ending in July 2025.

Financial support from Member States and Dialogue Partners is being kindly requested for 50% of the budget amount, i.e., USD150,000. An application will be made to the IORA Special Fund for the remaining 50% of the required funding, i.e., USD150, 000, once the required funding commitment has been secured.

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