IORA is organizing a training workshop on “Research and sustainable management of Blue Carbon Ecosystems in the Indian Ocean” in Toliara, Madagascar, from 27 November to 2 December 2022, at the Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marines. Madagascar is chosen because it has one of the main training and research institutes it focuses on marine sciences in the WIO region with over 30 years of experience in international organization training workshops. The institute provides the necessary facilities for training. And above all the country, in particular, the southwestern region has a wide distribution of seagrass beds and species of seagrasses which constitute an excellent training ground for the participants and an excellent field demonstration material for experts.

The goal is to organize a follow-up training seminar for the delegates of IORA member states regarding ECB. The follow-up training seminar will also be a platform in which the Member States can share experiences, best practices, and success stories, for sustainability management of blue carbon ecosystems in the Indian Ocean.

Member States wishing to participate can appoint a delegate by 30 September. To know the concept of the workshop you can click HERE

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