During the celebrations of IORA-Day 2022, Secretary-General H.E. Mr. Salman Al Farisi and Dr. Thomas Krimmel, Project Director for the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) have launched the commission for a comprehensive academic research study on the relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate change in the Indian Ocean region, including prospects for a “green” recovery with a focus on maritime and coastal space.

To undertake the study, IORA and GIZ invite applications for such a research study from a consortium of at least three universities from IORA Member States, in cooperation with a university from a Dialogue Partner country.  For conducting this research, a lumpsum amount of one hundred thirty thousand Euros (€ 130,000) is being offered through GIZ and will be awarded to the winning consortium on a competitive basis. The duration of the project is time-bound for a period of 6 months. IORA–GIZ would require a lead time of six weeks from the closing date of the tender for consideration of the proposals received, until the award and signature of the contract between the IORA Secretariat and the Lead University Consortium representative. With this, the actual research is envisaged to be conducted from 15th June 2022 to 15th December 2022.

Applications will expire on April 30th. University consortia must submit their research project application in a single solution consolidated PDF file, including a scanned mailing letter with the signatures of the representatives of all consortium partners, at the latest by 30 April 2022, to the following email addresses: hq@iora.int and copied to gareth.rees@iora.int and Kritika.nuckchady@iora.int. For any further information about it click HERE

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