Acquedotto Pugliese is one of the major integrated water service companies in Italy and provides its services throughout the Apulian territory, from the Gargano to Santa Maria di Leuca and in some municipalities of Campania, ensuring the supply of water in sub-distribution, to Acquedotto Lucano SpA all over Basilicata. Its mission is to ensure, through aqueducts, works, and hydraulic engineering systems, the water supply of the territories it manages, guaranteeing environmental protection with purification, refinement of urban wastewater and composting systems.

This national entrepreneurial reality, which makes sustainability and minimizing environmental impact its main strengths, meets some diplomatic representatives of the IORA countries in Italy, at their diplomatic offices in Rome. Scheduled presentation meetings include Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh, among others. It will be an opportunity to make known the technologies and know-how for possible future collaborations in the countries of the Rim Association.

On 22 and 23 March, during the Water Week, at the Italian Pavilion of the Expo Dubai, the Apulian reality will present itself. For any further information click HERE

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