The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Italian Federation of Fishing Enterprises – FEDERPESCA, an active member of the Italy-IORA Committee organize two webinars. Their focus is to promote the development of professionalism and careers by supporting the circulation of skills and competences among IORA countries and develop a network of experts and professionals to cover training, research & innovation, school, business, and local knowledge and culture in the blue economy of the IORA countries, the so-called blue careers. 

The title of the first webinar is “Skills and careers development in the Blue Economy, Blue Careers in Aquaculture in the IORA Countries. It aims to reflect on how to develop skills and competencies to improve critical understanding of aquaculture development and principles, on issues such as the improvement of plant equipment, the use of intelligent technologies for traceability, and quality certification of fish products to ensure economic sustainability and food safety. 

The webinar will take place on November 26, 2020, from 9:00 to 11:00 (CET). 

The sessions will be chaired by Mario Vattani (Minister Plenipotentiary), Gatot Hari Gunawan (Director at IORA Secretariat), Luigi Giannini (President of the Italy-IORA Committee, President of Federpesca), Michela Cariglia (President of Consorzio Gargano Pesca arl – Federpesca Acquacolture), Roberto Cimino (President of the Blue Italian Growth (BIG) Technological Cluster). 

The extensive program includes “Future Skills in the Blue Economy” – Roberto Cimino; “Aquaculture: potential for the Blue Growth in the IORA seas and professional development” – Michela Cariglia; “One Health perspectives for farms to achieve food security” – Gionata De Vico; “The use of satellite technologies for optimal management of aquaculture facilities” – Daniela Drimaco; “Anthropology of the sea: culture landscapes symbols and Blue Growth Planning” – Michele Claudio Masciopinto; “Expertise in the certification of production for export to the EU” – Emanuele Callipo; “Developments in animal feed: protection and health for animals and consumers” – Mario Giovannetti

The link to join the webinar is

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