The world event of EXPO Dubai will end on March 31st. The international showcase of excellence in all sectors will dedicate a “Water week” from 20 to 26 March. Italy in Dubai caused uproar and much positive criticism, especially for the innovative pavilion. The Blue Economy has now become a fundamental sector for any country, considering that more than half the Earth is washed by the oceans and the sea. The sustainable use of water while respecting the environment and the ecosystem has been at the center of debates and initiatives for several years, for example, IORA has made it the main reason for its birth and existence. Expo is a platform for bringing together citizens and stakeholders to understand how to sustainably preserve and manage this precious finite resource for infinite uses. The program will highlight the true value of water, as well as progress and best practices in ensuring clean and adequate water for people, industry, and the planet.

Italy Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai

The governor of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano, after praising the participation of the Polytechnic of Bari, which had an active role in the seventh dedicated to aerospace, in anticipation of the water week declared “There will be a second one in March 2022, on water technology. And on that occasion, we will also present the Taranto Mediterranean Games and invite all Mediterranean countries to participate in this presentation. Our participation does not only represent Puglia at Expo 2020 but represents all the Italian regions that have, through European funds for internationalization, contributed to this event that Italy had to support “. (Source

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