The G20 has just ended under the presidency of Italy. After a year of uninterrupted work and numerous work tables, the challenges to overcome remain many. The preparatory work and the solutions envisaged to try to resolve issues such as the digital transition, climate change, social cohesion, growth, and financial stability, just to name a few, are addressed by think tanks of the G20 countries. Italy in the T20 is represented by institutions such as ISPI, IAI, and Bocconi University. Precisely on the occasion of the passage from Italy to Indonesia, one of the founding countries of the IORA and head of the Secretariat of the same, of the G20 Presidency, a virtual meeting will be held on 30 November at 1.00 pm CET, T20 Handover “From Italy to Indonesia: T20 Contribution to G20 Recovery Initiatives “will see the participation of the Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI). (Click here to register at the virtual meeting)

On the occasion of this handover event, some key questions will drive the debate: what are the lessons learned from past G20/T20 presidencies? What are the challenges and priorities ahead of the Indonesian presidency? And what to expect in (another) crucial year for multilateralism? (Click here for the program)

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