The Italian company Wsense which provides underwater internet solutions, today won the Blueinvest Award in Brussels, the award dedicated to innovation in the Blue Economy organized by the European Commission, in the “Ocean Observation” category relating to products and technologies based on artificial intelligence and designed for ocean observation. Wsense was one of the only two Italian companies to have been selected among the finalists of the Blueinvest Day 2022 contest, the just concluded event dedicated to innovation in the Blue Economy organized by the European Commission in Brussels thanks to the European Maritime Affairs Fund and fishing.

Wsense, founded by Chiara Petrioli, professor at the La Sapienza University of Rome, is a company spin-off of Sapienza University of Rome, it is a deep tech company that brings patented technologies to the market to create underwater wireless networks. He is one of the main pioneers of the concept of the Internet of Things for offshore (Internet of Underwater Things – IoUT), for the monitoring and eco-sustainable exploitation of marine environments. “Wsense is experiencing a phase of strong growth, also thanks to the greater attention paid to submarine technologies and environmental sustainability. This recognition confirms the validity and high innovation of our project, which we plan to further enhance in the coming months and years, in Italy and in the world “, commented Petrioli.

Satisfaction with this recognition also came from the Rector of La Sapienza University, Antonella Polimeni who said “The recognition of the contribution of our researchers to international projects of high scientific value like this one, takes on even greater significance for the involvement in the team of young people. scholars who represent the best energies of our country “.

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