Yesterday was World Oceans Day. The day has been celebrated since 1992 when it was sanctioned by the environment summit in Rio de Janeiro and since 2008 it has also been recognized by the United Nations. Recently, on the occasion of the International Ocean Governance Forum, the Executive Vice-President of the European Commission for the Green Deal Frans Timmermans, said “Only a healthy ocean can ensure a healthy planet for the well-being and prosperity of all, of all of us

According to recent research by the WWF, the Mediterranean Sea is undergoing a rise in temperatures of 20% higher than other water basins of equal or larger size. This involves the presence of “new species” of fish that find a suitable habitat for their development and proliferation. These strong changes lead to a risk for the ecosystem. An example is the increasingly frequent sighting of barracudas and brown groupers in places such as the coasts of Liguria. The heat also leads to the increasingly imminent disappearance of endemic grasslands of Posidonia, gorgonians, and Pinna Nobilis which constitute the exclusive habitat for some species of fish.

In Italy, many initiatives have been launched, including the “Ocean and Climate” project, promoted by Worldrise, a non-profit organization that works to preserve and enhances the marine environment through paths focused on awareness, creativity, and education. . With the “Ocean and Climate” project, space was given to the creativity of 10 artists who painted as many marine-themed murals.

Another project is the ETF (Economics Transformation Project) Blue Economy launched by BNP Paribas Asset Management recorded a performance of + 9.50% in the first quarter of 2021. Through this fund it is possible to invest in all sectors of the Blue economy: fishing, aquaculture, tourism, marine biotechnology, extractive industries, desalination, renewable marine energy, maritime transport, ports and related services, waste disposal and much more. Sectors that today more than ever deserve sustainable development and special attention because they can represent the future.

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