Union for the Mediterranean’s mission is to enhance regional cooperation, dialogue, and the implementation of projects and initiatives with tangible impact on our citizens, with an emphasis on young people and women, in order to address the three strategic objectives of the region: stability, human development, and integration. A newsletter has just been released which collects the main initiatives undertaken by the intergovernmental institution (UfM).

The UfM acts as a unique platform to facilitate and promote regional dialogue and cooperation, as well as concrete projects and initiatives in a variety of fields such as water, environment, blue economy, climate change, education and research, and last but not least, energy and climate action in order to deal with energy and climate change challenges in the region while advancing towards more secure and sustainable energy models.

Even the IORA, in some respects, has the same mission and vision in its members. Strengthening partnerships at the national and diplomatic level through interventions that can impact coastal regions and the blue economy of the Indian Ocean for the IORA and the Mediterranean for the UfM. Two regions can count on an extraordinary wealth of natural resources, cultural heritage, diversity of people, territories, and economies.

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