On 30 November and 1 December 2023 in Rome, at the Sala del Tempio di Vibia Sabina e Adriano in Piazza di Pietra, the “Sea Festival” will be held, an initiative of the Rome Chamber of Commerce created in collaboration with the Piepoli Foundation.

An event that over two days aims to describe Rome, and therefore Italy, as the center of economic vitality, and not only, of the Mediterranean Sea. Rome and Italy have always been, in fact, historically, geographically and economically the center of life in the Mediterranean Sea.

The festival intends to explore, through the participation of important personalities from institutions, politics, economics and history, the role that our country and “our sea” has played, and still plays, on the international stage from the point of historical, political and, above all, economic point of view.

A series of panels and interventions are planned by some representatives of trade associations including Assarmatori, Assoporti, Confetra Lazio, Unioncamere and representatives of some of the main companies in the mobility and energy sector such as Costa Crociere, Fincantieri, MSC Cruises. Furthermore, some embassies will be present such as: Algeria, Morocco, Greece and Malta in a Round Table entitled “Dialogue on the future of the Mediterranean Sea“.

For the occasion, the Piepoli Foundation will present research that aims to understand the perception that citizens residing in some countries covered by the survey (Italy, Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt) have of Rome and Italy as “center of the Mediterranean“. On the same theme, with an in-depth historical analysis, a Lectio Magistralis will be held by Professor Giardina.

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