Cruise Lines International Associations (CLIA) has recently released a report on the conditions and prospects of the international cruise industry in 2022, starting from the data obtained in the previous three years.

The response that the sector has been able to give from the point of view of the Anti-Covid protocols has been surprising. This allowed the market to survive and to be taken as a model as well.
Cruise line protocols represent some of the strongest actions taken by any industry to address and mitigate Covid-19, and cruise ships operating today offer one of the most vaccinated and tightly controlled environments for travelers to experience the world. Even as the pandemic persists, the cruise industry protocols continue to prove effective mitigate the risk of COVID-19 and virtually eliminate severe outcomes.


Regarding the data and the most prosperous tourist areas for this market, CLIA reports the top five destinations by the average volume of passengers from 2018 to 2020. Among these, the Caribbean stands out with over 40% of the choices, while the Asian area stands at around 15%. In third place the Mediterranean below 10%, while Australia and South America amounted to around 5%

The President and CEO of the CLIA organization Kelly Craighead promises 2022 full of satisfactions “I see a sector that has sailed into uncharted waters to overcome insurmountable challenges. I see a sector in which value reaches millions of people, creating opportunities for growth and enrichment. I see a future brighter than ever, driven by an insatiable future spirit of partnership, collaboration, and innovation“.

To read the entire report click HERE

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