Ttgitalia writes that the sea journeys have restarted last August, demonstrating an extraordinary ability to adapt, and the cruises will be among the leaders for the traveling industry in 2021. Many people are already betting on their faster recovery than average.

In addition to the numbers of large ships launched by MSC and Costa Cruises, Royal Caribbean, also, in the research of the volunteers held for test cruises, confirm that. Companies and guests are ready to set sail, and on the wave of a series of changes, they will modify the way of cruising and safeguarding its fun and playful aspect.

In the US,, reports that Congress has approved the Cruise Passenger Protection Act, which involves the presence of a qualified doctor on the board and video cameras in public spaces.

Additional updates are the air filtration system to be changed (raised to standards similar to those of airlines), the presence of medical devices capable of managing a possible outbreak.
Passengers and crew will be required to undergo pre-boarding screening, wear masks, and keep safe distances. It will affect lunches and dinners too. The restaurants will be more similar to the normal ones, with spaced tables, take-away possibilities, and buffets served by the staff.

Ultimately, an increase of short routes and to the respective private islands, more manageable in terms of disembarking passengers, as well as more extended and flexible cancellation policies are probable.

(Sources: TTG Italia)

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