The Ambassadors of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya, Somalia and Mozambique, accompanied by Director General Luca Sabbatucci and Árni Mathiesen, assistant to the FAO Director-General of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, were greeted by the Mayor and the City Council of the City of Tricase. After the meeting, the delegation moved to the MARE Outpost, a detached branch of CIHEAM Bari, where the Ambassadors met the officials from IORA member States who participated in the advanced course on coastal communities development.

The aim of the course is to strengthen the capacities of the countries involved in the planning and implementation of policies, strategies and integrated management tools of coastal territories, offering a global vision of the Blue Economy and promoting, in the Mediterranean and IORA areas, a vision of development of coastal areas based on a smart and intersectoral approach. 

Fishing, aquaculture and sustainable coastal development are the main areas of study. The course, the second part of which is held in the Sea Outpost – detached branch of CIHEAM Bari – in Tricase Porto (Le), is the first example which involves the comparative study of communities and administrations of Mediterranean and IORA countries.

Italy plans to involve officials from more IORA countries in the next edition of the “Sustainable Coastal Development” course, which will be hosted in September 2020 in at CIHEAM Bari.

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