The Italy- IORA committee member Assoittica Italia signed the memorandum of understanding “Dal mare alla tavola attraverso le ragazze e i ragazzi degli Istituti Alberghieri Italiani” with I.P.S.E.O.A. Tor Carbone Roma, to create a National Network of Italian Istituti Alberghieri dell’Ittico.

Assoittica is an active member of the Italy IORA Committee also owing to the fact that Italy imports more than 70% of the fish it consumes. A large percentage of the fish imported is purchased from some IORA member States, so Italy has an interest in increasing market access for companies also in other IORA member States and facilitating their understanding of strict European policies and regulations. If these aspects are not addressed, exchanges and common development remain difficult and time-consuming.

Furthermore, Italian importers look to increasing the number of species of fish currently consumed (only around 20) with specific campaigns aimed at the Italian and European public.

Professor Maria Luisa Cortesi, president of Assoittica Association, and the Principal of I.P.S.E.O.A. Tor Carbone Roma Cristina Tonelli have worked together in the last months to realize a fish supply chain common initiatives with the launch of the first National Network of Italian Istituti Albergheri dell’Ittico. Among them, 11 Istituti Alberghieri have been chosen to attend the ceremony with the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Teresa Bellanova, and the virtual signing of the agreement. 

Objective and mission of this innovative National Network is the enhancement of Italy sustainable development in the fisheries sector, directly involving the students of Italian Istituti Alberghieri, training them to become “ambassadors of the Mediterranean diet abroad” and strengthening the role of good nutrition that Italy embodies all around the world. 

The presence of Assoittica Association has always guaranteed excellent analysis and evaluation of European Union provisions on food safety, thus raising consciousness on fish products and their benefits. For such reason, after signing the memorandum of understanding, a talk show has been virtually held, with the delegation of the principals of different Italian Istituti Alberghieri led by Gaia Blandizzi, biologist nutritionist, to provide further information on the nutritional aspects of fish products. 

During the event the Minister Teresa Bellanova, has underlined in her speech the strategic perspective of such mutual training for the future of Made in Italy agro-food, not only at the national level, but also in the regional economic scenario. Investing in the training of catering, Italy will be able to compete and remark its position of excellence in future times. «Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic», she declared, «the “supply chain of life” has never stopped working, guaranteeing constant supplies despite the though circumstances. Accordingly, Italy is showing a progressive in-dept approach in encouraging professional growth by enhancing relations among schools, universities and the national agricultural actors».  

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