On June 28th, the Nomisma Spa Board of Directors approved the forthcoming birth of the Nomisma Mare section. The division will be responsible for analyzing and studying all aspects of economic, production, commercial, tourism, energy, as well as research activities directly interconnected with the sea, leading to a dialogue with subjects that together represent about a quarter of the Italian GDP.

The same research and analysis company explained that “the new branch, which has the immediate objectives of activating an international network of analysis and research centers, but also of establishing a dialogue with all the entrepreneurial associations in the sea sector, will be led by a Steering Committee composed of Piero Gnudi, President of Nomisma Spa, by Luca Dondi, CEO of Nomisma, by Gianluca Galletti (who will chair the Committee) and by Knights of labor Giuseppe Bono and Massimo Ponzellini. Secretary is Marco Marcatici. Global Coordinator of Nomisma Mare is Bruno Dardani”.

Nomisma Mare will be officially presented on July 14 in Bologna.

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