During the last Seaology fair, dedicated to the Blue Economy, the DG Mare of the European Commission, in the person of the policy officer Andy Kontoudaki, approved and presented Italy’s FEAMPA 2021-27 National Operational Programme. Pending the first tenders, operators in the fishing and aquaculture sector, and in other sectors that fall under the umbrella of the Blue Economy, can participate in the calls for directly managed European funds.

Two FEAMPA calls, issued by the CINEA agency on behalf of the Commission, are currently underway with a total budget of 15.1 million euros: Blue careers for a sustainable blue economy, for the development of careers in the blue economy, and Regional flagships projects supporting sustainable blue economy in EU sea basins, to implement regional flagship projects in EU sea basins. These calls will expire on January 31, 2023

Kontoudaki also presented the other EU funding programs which, in various capacities, will be able to support the growth of the Blue Economy and in particular the development of skills for a sustainable blue economy.

(Source: FASI.eu)

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