In the setting of Palazzo Merulana in Rome, which hosted the meeting, an interesting conference was held to close the FISH MED NET project, the network created by the Mediterranean fish and aquaculture supply chain. From 10 am to 1:30 pm, thanks to the organization of the Legacoop agroalimentare, interesting topics related to the FISH MED NET project were addressed. The topics dealt with were: tourism (fishing tourism), food, services to the community and aquaculture. The representatives of local and international realities who operate in their respective supply chains and who care about the issues of the development of the Blue Economy sector took part.

The development potential of the supply chains and the shortcomings were addressed, all with a view to cooperation between the various sectors and between the various States, the interventions, infact, that came from the communities were important: Corsican, Lebanese, Tunisian and Palestinian who were able to present the results of the project and their activities. In short, a vast program that ranged over everything there is to know in a collaborative perspective, emphasizing that small and large coastal realities are an important engine of the economy of the countries bordering the Mediterranean and therefore require the right attention and certain and homogeneous rules that allow these sectors to develop by driving the respective states. Also important is the contribution of the director of Federpesca, Francesca Biondo, who also holds the presidency of the Italy-IORA Committee, of which Legacoop agroalimentare is a member, and who wanted to underline how initiatives of this type serve to strengthen international cooperation relations and help the sea chains.

The meeting was closed by President di Legacoop Agroalimentare Cristian Maretti who reiterated the importance of these activities, thanking the participants, in an area of ​​cooperation and development that can only bring benefits to sea activities

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