The world event dedicated to water “UN Water Conference 2023” is currently being held in New York inside the United Nations glass building. Among the very few Italian companies that have accredited themselves and are participating is Acquedotto Pugliese, a leading company that has distinguished itself over the years for “the strong propensity for promotion and sustainable development and the integrated management of water resources, so to encourage cooperation and partnerships at all levels” as the General Manager Francesca Portincasa said recently.

AQP participates in the United Nations Conference with the intention of contributing to the Water Action Agenda launched to accelerate water actions. A commitment, which has been recognized by the United Nations, with the publication on the partnership platform (the global register of commitments and partnerships in support of the implementation of the sustainable development goals), of the commitment “The International Water School“. An already active project that aims to create an accessible space that allows experts, technicians and managers from all over the world to learn about the most recent technical innovations and to translate them into concrete projects in their own countries.

AQP also organized a collateral side event which was held on Wednesday 22 March at the Italian Cultural Institute in New York. In fact, the second edition of the “Water For Life – AQP AWARD” instituted by the Apulian reality went to the country of Lesotho. The 10,000 euro prize aims to illustrate and give impetus to those initiatives, the result of the ingenuity and commitment of personalities, institutions and associations, which can help spread a shared culture of sustainable development to activate social and political change.

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