Promoted by the European Commission to highlight the vital role of the seas as a factor of economic growth, the European Maritime Day offers an opportunity to reflect on the state of health of our sea and explore the issue of sea protection which, with the recent reform of the Constitution has assumed a central value, also in the interest of future generations.

In this context, the SalvaMare law represents the most recent regulatory intervention introduced to contribute to the recovery of the marine ecosystem and constitutes an important step forward in the protection of the sea and a strong push for greater care of the marine environment. Protecting and safeguarding the marine environment is essential to have a healthy, clean and productive sea essential for the growth of the sustainable blue economy, in which economic activities and environmental protection are closely balanced.

The World Biodiversity Day also takes place in this context of awareness, which embraces the same trend and was instead established to celebrate the signing and adoption of the text of the Convention for Biological Diversity, which took place on 22 May 1992.

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